The illari Threads Difference

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Celebrity Physicians

Learn from world-renowned celebrity-status physician instructors.

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Practice-Owning Physicians

Physician instructors are Practice owners and highly experience in the use of PDO threads.

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175,000 Graduates

Empire Medical Training is the #1 trainer to physicians and nurses worldwide with 175,000+ graduates for 24 years.

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Various Learning Options

Empire Medical Training provides numerous methods for training in PDO threads such as hands-on, online, and preceptorships.

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AMA PRA Category 1 Credit

Most comprehensive, intensive AMA accredited training in PDO threads. AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.

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Live Workshops Across the US

Live workshops held weekly across 33 US cities.

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All Training Levels

All levels of PDO thread training from beginner to the most advanced.

Training Medical Practitioners Since 1998

When you choose to integrate Illari Threads into your Aesthetics practice you not only receive a trusted, quality PDO Thread product, but you’ll also have access to all the resources afforded to you from Empire Medical Training.

Whether you are starting out new to Aesthetics or whether you are an experienced practitioner, Empire Medical Training provides all levels and all methods of training.

For a complete description of Empire Medical Training workshops along with a calendar of upcoming event, visit


Training Methods Available for Physicians and Nurses

  • Live Hands-on Workshops offered weekly throughout the USA.
  • One-On-One Preceptorships programs scheduled with Empire Medical Training “celebrity” physician Faculty.
  • Virtual Training—Live real-time courses with Q&A.
  • Video-On-Demand—Watch anywhere, anytime.
  • State-of-the-Art Educational Portal—Provides the most complete collection of training material and tools necessary for an aesthetics practice.
  • Video Library—Hands-on footage and educational materials.
Explore Training Methods

PDO Threads Education

Empire Medical Training is the most sought-after educational organization for PDO Thread Lift Training to physicians and other health care practitioners. All programs are certified and provide intensive lecture combined with live patient hands-on training.

The training is unbiased, evidence-based training provided by top-tier physician instructors.

Empire Medical Training offers Three complete levels of PDO Thread lift training. Level One and Level Two are comprehensive workshop programs offered throughout the United States just about every weekend.

Level Three is our most advanced PDO Thread Training program led by successful Aesthetic Physicians. Practitioners will share the unique experience of working closely with our Physician trainers, learning advanced procedures and techniques as well as many proprietary methods that our trainers have developed in their own Aesthetic centers. This program is designed for practitioners who have completed PDO thread training levels One and Two.

For over 25 years, Empire Medical Training has led the Aesthetics industry in providing aesthetic and medical education.

PDO Thread Lift Training Levels


PDO Thread Lift Training Level I & II

The PDO Thread Lift Training program combines two comprehensive levels, offering certified training in the applications of smooth and barbed (lifting) PDO threads for collagen building and facial shaping, akin to dermal fillers. Level I focuses on mastering the use of smooth threads, introducing participants to lifting threads as well, with physician instructors ensuring proper technique and vector-based facial shaping. Level II advances to a more intricate stage, equipping practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of vectors, including proprietary ones, along with the ability to devise personalized treatment plans and vectors. Successful completion leads to accreditation, requiring full participation, a focus exam, and online testing.

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PDO Threads Lift Training Level I

Level I PDO Thread lift training is a certified program from our partners Empire Medical Training with a focus on the applications of using smooth threads to build collagen and shape the face in a manner like that of dermal fillers. There are many applications and benefits of using smooth PDO threads. The true aesthetic benefit of PDO threads apply when the practitioner learns to use the combination of smooth and barbed (lifting threads). Level I provides training in smooth with an introduction into the lifting threads. The level I program is very complete and intensive, and participants must learn and apply everything learned before progressing to level II. Physician instructors work closely with attendees to help them learn proper technique and how to properly shape the face using vectors. During level I you will be introduced to the various vectors and utilize them with select threads.

PDO Threads Lift Training Level II

Level II PDO Thread training is a much more advanced program where the practitioner will be presented with a comprehensive program to master smooth and barbed (lifting) threads. Practitioners receive more complete and detailed training on using vectors and are given proprietary vectors developed by our partners Empire Medical Training and their faculty of board-certified specialists. Practitioners will also be taught how to develop their own vectors and how to create proprietary treatment plans to utilize in their medical spas or aesthetic practices. The course is fully accredited for practitioners. You must attend all phases of the training and complete the focus exam and online testing.

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PDO Thread Lift Training Level III

Level III is our most advanced, complete training in PDO Threads. This is a comprehensive, hands-on training program conducted by top-tier physician instructors from our partner company Empire Medical Training. PDO thread training level III is designed for practitioners who desire to expand their skills in Aesthetics and become experts in PDO threads. Trainees must have completed previous PDO Thread training I & II or other hands-on course that includes placement of barbed threads. Practitioners will perform techniques on live patients in a small group environment (attendance limited to 4–6 participants). Learn advanced techniques, proprietary methods, and more. Explore guidelines and protocols that provide lasting results. In addition, you will be given detailed information on the various PDO products so you may choose the most optimal thread type and size of threads for your patients, and have a more complete understanding of the techniques you can offer in your practice.

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Pro Preceptorship for the Advanced Practitioner

The pro preceptorship introduces a customizable option, granting physicians the autonomy to select specific areas for hands-on practice. This advanced stage empowers practitioners to refine their expertise in targeted applications of smooth and barbed PDO threads, capitalizing on their preferred treatment areas. With a strong foundation from previous levels, participants engage in personalized guidance to enhance their mastery of vectors, technique, and proprietary treatment planning. Completion of the pro preceptorship signifies a pinnacle of skill and knowledge, demonstrating the practitioner's capability to achieve optimal results in their chosen aesthetic practices.

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Gain Expertise & Hands-On Instruction

Upon completion of the Thread Lift workshops, practitioners will gain expertise and hands-on instruction in the following techniques:



  1. Simple Cheek Vectors and Lifting
  2. Full Face Techniques (Multi-Vector Cheek and Jaw)
  3. Fox Eye and Cat’s Eye Techniques
  4. Jawline Lifting and Contouring
  5. Facial Volumizing Techniques
  6. Mid and Lateral Eyebrow Lift
  7. Lips and Vermillion Border Enhancement
  8. Volumizing Techniques—Décolleté
  9. Volumizing Techniques—Perioral Region
  10. Volumizing Techniques—Temporal Region

Combine Products with Training

Training packages starting at $2,895

Products Included in the IllariThreads Introductory Package

illari Intro Package

  • Thread Lift training provided by Empire Medical Training (Livestream & Video-On-Demand Series). Subsidized by illari Threads ($1,999 Value)
  • Hands-On PDO Thread Lift Training Certification Course (Level I & II) ($2,999 Value)
  • illari Threads Starter Kit ($1,500 Value)
  • 100 Patient Brochures ($200 Value)
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  • illari Pro Mono™ 30G 25mm (100)
  • illari Pro Mono™ 29G 38mm (100)
  • illari Pro Screw™ 29G 25mm (60)
  • illari Pro Screw™ 29G 38mm (60)
  • illari Embossed™ 29G 38mm (20)
  • illari Embossed Screw™ 29G 25mm (20)
  • illari Pro 6D 360° Cog™ 21G 90mm (40)
Products Included in the Illari Threads Pro Package

illari Pro Package

  • Thread Lift training provided by Empire Medical Training (Livestream & Video-On-Demand Series). Subsidized by illari Threads ($1,999 Value)
  • Advanced Hands-On PDO Thread Lift Training Certification Course (Level III) ($3,799)
  • illari Threads Starter Kit ($2,500 Value)
  • 100 Patient Brochures ($200 Value)
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  • illari Pro Mono™ 30G 25mm (100)
  • illari Pro Mono™ 29G 38mm (100)
  • illari Pro Screw™ 29G 25mm (100)
  • illari Pro Screw™ 29G 38mm (100)
  • illari Embossed™ 29G 38mm (20)
  • illari Embossed Screw™ 29G 25mm (20)
  • illari Pro 6D 360° Cog™ 20G/21G 60mm/90mm/100mm (40)
  • illari Pro 6D 360° Cog™ 19G 100mm (40)
Products Included in the Illari Threads Advanced Package

illari Advantage Package

  • Thread Lift training provided by Empire Medical Training (Livestream & Video-On-Demand Series). Subsidized by Illari Threads ($1,999 Value)
  • 4-6 Hour Preceptorship* ($5,000 Value)
  • 100 Patient Brochures ($200 Value)
  • Freestanding Banner ($500 Value)
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  • illari Threads Purchase Credit of $3,000

*Additional fees may apply, please call for more information.

Products packages subject to change based on prior arrangements and communications with our account executives.

Training Methods




A highly popular option for practitioners due to the convenience of the Video-On-Demand option. Empire Medical Training offers the most complete selection of training options in all educational courses in Aesthetics from beginner to the most advanced topics (also pain management, surgery, anti-aging, and more).


Video Library

Video Library

For over 20 years, Empire Medical Training has increased the scope of our Video Library to include topics from all areas of our training roster. If you are an Aesthetics practitioner, you will no doubt want to access the video library to reference various topics in Aesthetics as well as to learn new methods, new pearls, and discussions from high profile thought leaders.


Empire Portal

Empire Portal

The Empire Medical Training Portal is a highly robust educational platform exclusively available to Empire patrons and illari Threads’ clients. Through this portal, practitioners are provided a wealth of resources and information regarding PDO threads and other aesthetic topics. In addition to training videos, Online testing, and other educational tools, the portal provides a host of tools you will need in your practice such as consent and treatment forms and much more.


Customized Preceptorships

Customized Preceptorships

Practitioners commonly choose our preceptorship training option because of the many benefits and conveniences offered to the practitioner. The program is fully customizable so you may learn any PDO thread procedure you wish and perform procedures through live patient training. Whether you are a novice injector or experienced practitioner, our physician trainers are renowned aesthetic physicians and expert practitioners, are practice owners, and have dedicated years of experience performing aesthetic procedures. The training may be conducted on a one-on-one basis or up to three practitioners may be trained at one time.


State-of-the-Art Facility

State-of-the-Art Facility

Empire Medical Training has recently opened our world class, state-of-the-art aesthetic training center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This location is equipped with everything needed to operate a highlevel medical spa or aesthetic practice. With our reputation and years of experience in the Aesthetics industry, we are fortunate to be sponsored by numerous vendors and equipment companies so when you visit our center you will also have the opportunity to learn about various equipment options.


Virtual Training

Virtual Training

In addition to attending live hands-on workshops, practitioners may also participate in Empire Medical Training’s virtual live training courses. For dates of all upcoming events, visit From the comfort of your home or office, using any mobile device, you can receive complete training from world class physician instructors. The virtual courses are live courses that are held on specific dates throughout the year. You may complete all didactic training and participate in live hands-on training at a later date to receive your certification. For refresher trainer, our virtual training options are also a great alternative to live in person training events.

Illari Threads Benefits with Empire Medical Training

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Educational Tools & Resources

Navigate through an array of free additional resources where you will find valuable informative tools relating to our training in addition to Empire’s physician portal containing videos, medical intake forms, and proprietary information

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One-On-One Preceptorship

Illari Threads has partnered with the Global Leader in Aesthetics Education, Empire Medical Training. Enjoy special access to these world-class physician trainers and set up your fully customizable training—in the comfort of your office or ours!

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Network with Colleagues and Thought Leaders

Connect and network with committed and passionate practitioners across the country! Share insights, advice, and continue learning from thought leaders outside of the workshop.

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Embrace Empire’s acclaimed educational model in a manner that works best for you—while on the go, at lunchtime, or even from your own home. With this flexible structure and access to essential tips and trainings whenever it fits into your schedule, there is no better time than now to watch what you want and when!

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Employment Opportunities

Experienced in PDO threads? illari Threads’ students will receive the opportunity to partake in the Certified Faculty Instructor (CFI) program—a pathway to become part of our faculty. Join the illari Threads team!

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Special Offers on Staff Training

Share the wealth of knowledge gained at Empire Medical Training with the rest of your staff or team and save!


Aesthetic Solutions by Design™

Illari Threads offers a fully immersive 360° solution (hands-on training, videos-on-demand, preceptorships, and more) for physicians, dentists, and nurses seeking the most comprehensive PDO threads education.


Face & Body PDO Technologies

PDO Threads are a revolutionary new technology that enhances the face and body without the need to go under the knife. Explore our listing of the many treatment areas patients will enjoy with this natural, nonsurgical procedure offering immediate results.

Explore Tech

Illari Threads Sets the Standard for Excellence™

Deconstruct the norm with the illari Threads advantage. Illari Threads sets the standard for excellence by delivering the best quality PDO thread, proprietary vectors for enhanced patient care, superior outcomes, all while breaking new ground with cutting-edge PDO thread technologies.

Discover Standards
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