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illari Pro Mono™

illari Pro Mono™, our smooth threads, can be used in areas to improve volume, texture, and skin laxity, and to create additional support for barbed threads.


illari Pro Screw™

illari Pro Screw™ threads can be used in any area to improve volume, texture, and skin laxity, and to create additional support for barbed threads like our smooth (Pro Mono) threads.


illari Volume-Up Embossed™

illari Volume-Up Embossed™ thread is designed for enhanced soft tissue formation through a natural healing process after the placement of threads


illari Volume-Up Embossed Screw™

illari Volume-Up Embossed Screw™ thread is designed for enhanced soft tissue formation through a natural healing process after the placement of threads.


illari Pro 6D 360° Cog™

Illari Pro 6D 360° Cog™ is a 360-degree cutting type bidirectional barbed thread, which is the most versatile and conventional barbed threas.


illari Pro Cog V1™

Illari Pro Cog V1™ is our arrow-headed shape molded type barbed thread for maximum tensile strength and lifting effect.


illari Pro Cog V2™

illari Pro Cog V2™ is our razor-wire (Z shape) molded type barbed thread for maximum tensile strength and lifting effect.


illari Nose Cog™

Illari Nose Cog™ is a uni-directional barbed thread specifically designed to be placed within the bridge and the columella of the nose for contouring.


illari Multi-Braided Mesh™ (I-MBM™)

Illari Multi-Braided Mesh™ is a thread with 16 of 7-0 smooth threads braided together inside a 19G blunt cannula


illari EYE-Z™

Illari Eye-Z™ is a multi-directional barbed thread specifically designed for the popular eye treatments such as the Cat’s and Fox eyes.


illari Micro F™

Illari Micro F™ is our micro cannula (blunt-L type) smooth thread for added safety around the eyes or in other highly vascularized areas.

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FDA Approval and Safety

Illari Threads is one of the few companies that offers a fully FDA-cleared PDO thread product combined with cannula.

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Illari Threads is the only company utilizing the V1 and V2 technologies in lifting threads as well as embossed thread technology.

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We provide quality training nationwide for all levels from beginner to expert through our comprehensive program which covers everything from basic vector techniques to advanced proprietary methods.

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Setting New Marketing Standards

Illari Pro 6D 360 Cog™ and Illari Multi-Braided Mesh™ (I-MBM™) are two products that are set apart from the industry for achieving exceptional patient outcomes.

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Body Solutions

In addition to correcting patient indications in facial areas, Illari Threads allow for correction of skin laxity in body areas and is used to correct several body indications associated with aging.

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Push Boundaries with illari Threads

illari Threads is proud to offer the highest quality thread product combined with unparalleled physician support and training through its affiliate company, Empire Medical Training. Nowhere else will you have the resources so readily available to assist you in your practice. Our product line offers exceptional quality and the strongest tensile strength with a high USP designation. Our products are used by our physician faculty and have gone through extensive testing.

For nearly three decades, Empire Medical Training has responded to the needs of practitioners and developing our unique PDO Thread product line is no different. illari Threads has partnered with an ISO certified manufacturing plant in Korea to create and manufacture our thread design, utilizing specifications developed by our physician faculty.

illari Threads provides the most complete product line for facial and body Aesthetics. illari Threads offers the greatest selection and variety of thread types as well as many threads products unique to illari Threads. One of the illari Threads most popular thread is the illari Multi-Braided Mesh (I-MBM™). Unlike other popular threads, the illari I-MBM™ is the only product of its kind with 16 threads braided into one device/needle so you can deliver the maximum quality of threads in an area requiring maximum volume restoration.

Choose from a complete product line of Smooth (illari Pro Smooth Line™), barbed (illari Pro Barb Series™), twisted, as well as a complete spectrum of specialty products for the more advanced practitioner. Our specialty line includes two different categories of Nose Barb threads (for the tip and to contour the nose bridge), Eye Liners which are 31 gauge smooth threads for beneath the eye and other delicate areas of the face, as well as with Fox Eye and Cats Eye specialty threads. These latter two utilize reverse barbs and other unique design characteristics that ensure they do not migrate after insertion.

Patient with Smooth PDO Threads inserted in lower facial region

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Assessing Your Patient


Brow Lift Procedure Continuation


Brow Lift Procedure Setup


Brow Lift with PDO Threads


Marking for Brow Lift


Numbing and Brow Lift with PDO Threads


Numbing for Brow Lift Procedure


Numbing Preparation


Mesh PDO Thread


Neck Lift with PDO Thread Part #1


Neck Lift with PDO Thread Part #2


Aesthetic PDO Threads Training

Learn with Illari Thread’s sister company Empire Medical Training—the #1 trainer to physicians and nurses worldwide.

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Facial & Body Sculpting™

Learn total facial and body sculpting with PDO threads through our partner Empire Medical Training.

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Illari Threads Sets the Standard for Excellence™

Redefine beauty your way with the highest quality PDO threads.

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What are PDO threads?

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PDO, or polydioxanone, is a biocompatible product commonly used in surgery as an absorbable suture. PDO are not permanent when placed under the skin and will be reabsorbed over about 4 to 8 months. PDO sutures eventually are broken down in the body ultimately ending up as water and carbon dioxide.

There are two (2) basic types of PDO threads – monos (smooth threads) and cogs (barbed sutures).

Monofilament threads (monos or smooth threads) are thin lengths of PDO that are preloaded onto a thin needle which are inserted into the skin. The needle can hold single flat threads, threads wound in a spiral (screw, twisted, tornado) or multiple threads braided together (mesh). The more PDO material in the thread, the more collagenesis is created and biostimulation expected. Mono threads are usually completely absorbed within 4-6 months.

Cog (barbed) threads are thicker lengths of PDO that are loaded onto a cannula which is then inserted into the skin. These threads have little cogs or barbs which will engage the skin and can lift up sagging skin in different areas of the face and body (cheek, jowl, arms, knees, or brow etc.) when the thread is pulled upwards. As they are stronger than mono threads, cogs (barbed threads) can obtain more lifting and contouring. Cog threads are also fully absorbed between 6-9 months.

How do PDO Threads work?

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PDO, or polydioxanone, has been shown to stimulate new collagen within the skin. The newer technologies utilizing free floating (no fixation points) PDO Threads allows for much less risk of complications such as scars and nodules that are seen with the older threads that were either permanent or fixed under the skin.

Common treatments such as lasers, peels, RF, or even PRP treatments, cause a wound healing response and a stimulus for new collagen at one point in time. In contrast, PDO threads have an advantage as they can stimulate collagen over a longer period of time (at least 12-18 months).

What can PDO threads do for patients?

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A PDO thread lift treatment can help improve skin quality (smooths and rejuvenates), create tissue integrity, and tighten sagging skin on the face, neck and body (arms, abdomen and buttocks). Depending on the indication to be corrected you will use monos (smooth threads), cogs (barbed threads) or combinations of threads.

As a general rule, mono (smooth) threads are suitable for younger patients who are not yet experiencing sagging skin, loss of skin volume, and want to maintain their skin quality. Mono (smooth) threads may help tighten the skin in some areas or to prepare the skin to receive cog threads in the future.

Cog (barbed) threads are generally suitable once there are signs of sagging skin, such as the cheeks or chin area and typically for patients in their 30s onwards. All types of PDO Threads stimulate collagen under the skin where they are placed including the Mono (smooth) or COG (barbed) threads.

Which anatomical areas are most requested by patients concerning thread lift procedures?

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The face is the most popular and requested area for treatment. Most patients request lifting around the jawline since the aging process in the face tends to accumulate additional fat around this area and we lose that youthful “V-Shape” to the face. By the age of 40+ the effects of gravity start showing within the face as fat in the cheeks will descend resulting in a flatter, upper part of the face.

Eyebrows are also very popular as well with females as they prefer that the eyebrow be at least 1cm above. Most patients want to fix their eyebrows because they are lower than the desired look. Similarly, as we grow older, it is one of the first noticeable parts of the face that begins to sag and lower. Even as you reach 30+ years of age, your lateral eyebrows will already start to droop and who opt to lift their eyebrows.

Other facial areas for threads include the neck area as well as narrowing the tip of the nose and correct the tip of the nose creating a high nose bridge. It is a 30-minute procedure with zero downtime and very good results.


Aesthetic Solutions by Design™

Illari Threads offers a fully immersive 360° solution (hands-on training, videos-on-demand, preceptorships, and more) for physicians, dentists, and nurses seeking the most comprehensive PDO threads education.

PDO Threads in Action

Stay up-to-date with the newest PDO technologies, our company, nonsurgical threads, and more.

Published: June 14/2021

What are the differences between PDO, PLLA, and PCL Threads?

Thread Lift procedures within aesthetics is experiencing tremendous growth within aesthetics due to their ability to deliver results comparable to surgical procedures though are semi-permanent lasting up to (2) years…

Published: August 23/2021

FDA to Crackdown on Non-FDA Cleared PDO Threads

FDA to Crackdown on Non-FDA Cleared PDO Threads. A spokesman for the agency further commented that “it will be increasingly difficult to stop the various channels that people can acquire these non-FDA Cleared devices so the emphasis will be on the physician or healthcare professional administering these unapproved devices”…

Published: September 24/2021

Why Incorporate PDO Threads into your Practice?

The United States is one of the largest markets for minimally invasive aesthetic procedures in the world. The demand for PDO Thread procedures has increased exponentially in the past (5) years and will continue to grow at rates over 7.4% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2020 levels of USD 112.2 million and projected levels reaching USD 177.69 million by 2026…

Published: June 10/2021

12 Popular Facial PDO Thread Treatments

Understanding the many uses of PDO Threads for facial indications. The procedures list the approximate time and market prices for each procedure but does not encompass all facial treatments…

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