Body Treatments
using PDO Threads

Body Thread Lift is the latest aesthetic treatment option that helps reverse the signs of loose skin, restore youthful definition to various body part areas and bring noticeable lifting effects, similar to those delivered by surgical lifting options, but without incisions and long recovery times.

A Body Thread-Lift procedure, aka feather lift surgery, is a non-surgical procedure to lift sagging skin and produce smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. If skin laxity and the effects of gravity are affecting certain body areas, body thread-lift processes are designed to lift and support sagging areas. It cannot offer the same results as more invasive surgeries but is a good option for a more subtle natural look. This innovative body lift procedure can be performed in just one or two hours.

Apart from repositioning sagging areas of skin and improving overall skin texture, Polydioxanone (PDO) Thread Sutures naturally encourages collagen production of the skin to the extent that your skin will gradually improve and a slimming effect due to the contraction of fat cells, even after the absorption of the threads.

Before and after of patient who received PDO Threads in abdomen region to lift and contour area

Body Thread Lift procedures target the following areas of the body skin including:

  • Knees (Skin Laxity): Very popular procedure for women with skin laxity above the knee, a combination of smooth and barbed PDO threads are used to lift loose tissue and add support and collagen remodeling to the area. The lifting of tissues is based upon vectors to help pull and stretch the skin.
  • Breasts (Medial Skin Laxity, Collagen Loss): Satisfying procedure for women experiencing creping of skin medial and above the breast area (skin body of the breast). Advanced procedures do include smooth threads being performed around the areola of the breasts but are very superficial and for purposes of collagen remodeling.
  • Inner & Outer Thighs (cellulite conditions): PDO Threads increase vascularization of tissues as well as remodeling collagen. Smooth PDO threads are utilized to stimulate collagen which help reduce the look of mild to moderate indication of cellulite in these areas. Needle injections also target the bands beneath the skin surface directly, which also improves smoothing the skin and adding skin elasticity for the improved appearance of cellulite.
  • Abdomen (Skin Laxity after Pregnancy, Assymetries): Both Smooth and COG (Barbed) PDO Threads can be utilized in the abdomen area either to add volume and create additional elasticity to the skin as well as lifting tissue laxity in the area depending upon patient presentation. The treatment utilizing both smooth and COG (barbed) PDO Threads but is based upon the vectors chosen for lifting and the areas for tissue remodeling.
  • Arms (Upper and Lower): Similar to other cellulite conditions both Smooth and COG (Barbed) PDO Threads are utilized to separate and remodel tissues. Improvement of skin texture (smoother skin) and stretching of bunched skin tissue can be achieved but is based upon patient presentation.
  • Buttocks (Dimpling): This procedure is very similar to acne scaring or cellulite conditions of the inner or outer thighs. Smooth threads are inserted in a mesh pattern at different depths beneath the dimpling which help break up the collagen bands causing the retraction as well as inducing new collagen to be formed.

The breasts, elbows, knees, upper arms, thighs, tummy, and buttocks are all areas possible for the lifting procedure. In particular, lifting and rejuvenating loose abdominal skin (tummy).

Several variations of the threading technique exist, as a preference of the doctor, or meeting specific patient needs, body lift sutures can be used in combination with other aesthetic procedures and modalities. Once the individual situation has been assessed, generally between 2 and 20 threads will be used, depending on the patients’ needs. What makes Body Thread-Lift procedure the newer, safer alternative is that early thread lifts were performed using permanent threads which could break or have complications and we now use dissolvable barbed threads.

Before and after of patient who received PDO Threads in legs to contour and boost collagen

The COG (barbed) thread sutures are embedded and activated in the skin to promote fibrosis, the formation of new connective tissue bundles. The newly formed connective tissue works as a scaffolding to hold up the skin, lift the skin and making it firm allowing for skin tightening in the process. Tissue cells also produce additional hyaluronic acid in response to the fibrosis, which attracts water and adds moisture to make the skin firm and full. In addition, when blood micro-vessels distend from traumatization to the skin by the thread insertion, new blood with oxygen and nutrients flow to heal them, resulting in younger-looking skin.

At Illari Threads we offer many avenues for additional training and believe the best training leads to better results and outcomes for your patients. One of the major benefits of Body Thread Lift Procedures is that results are immediate but results will continue to increase over the next 3-4 months as the PDO threads are fully absorbed. Typical results for body lift threads last between 12 – 15 months which is dependent upon many factors such as body area, number of threads, and patient compliance.

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